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A Dream To Travel Around The Universe

I have a dream; to travel around the Universe, as long as I exist whether as a living being, or non-living matter. But knowing I cannot actually physically travel up there right now as a human being, my mind becomes the only transportation through the acquirement of information about Life on Earth and beyond. This video is the very existence of an idea of how I see the World and Universe as it is, learning about anything step by step, diverting my mind towards every possible known people and places on Earth and whatever I can find out about the Universe, as well as eventually understanding everything and share to the ones willing to see for themselves. ________________________________________________

Original Videos: &

Editor: Yuly Niko (Yours Universely)

Original Music: Deep Space (

Lyrics/Singer: Yuly Niko (Your Universely)



I have a dream

A dream to travel around the Universe

For as long as I continue to exist.

(4x; 2x at the start of the video, in the first 30 seconds and 2x before the end of the video, in the final 30 seconds.)

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